Environmental Solutions & Services

1000 Gallons Per Minute Water Filter System – Manassas, VA

JETCO designed, built and installed a mobile 1000 gpm water treatment system that was located at a large site to handle rain water and runoff. It pumped the water from the nearby pond into frac tanks. Subsequently, the water was then pumped through the filters and cleaned. This system was operated on a nearly 24 hour basis and performed flawlessly. It met all the requirements and parameters that the client requested.

Non-hazardous waste/drum dispoal – Manassas. VA

JETCO was tasked with removing non-hazardous waste via 55gal drums. We have the right equipment to get the job done as we do with any job that we are contracted to perform.

Water Sampling System – Dumfries, VA

JETCO was tasked with building a system that would allow the consultant to get samples of water from a retention pond. Some of the special requirements were that the water couldn’t have any sludge from the bottom of the pond and that most of the dissolved solids were removed. This mobile system was designed and built and then rented to the client for the period of time that it was needed. JETCO set the system up according to the clients requests.

Water Treatment System – Hanover, MD

JETCO was tasked to design, build and install a water treatment system to allow a clean discharge of water from a water-oil separator. This system had to fit into a small allocated area and perform without supervision 24/7.

River Water Sampling – Chesapeake, VA

JETCO was tasked with collecting water samples at various depths at designated locations along the Elizabeth River.

Paint & Concrete Sample Collections – Virginia Beach, VA

JETCO was tasked with collecting paint samples from the trusses of airplane hangars located at Oceana Naval Air Station. This was a secured and restricted area with equipment valued in the billions of dollars. Our equipment with safety gear was carefully maneuvered around and used to elevate us to the necessary height. We also had to get concrete core samples from the floor of the hangar bay and in other areas as well. We used our Floor Core Bore Drill to perform that task.