Environmental & Heavy Construction

Underground Storage Tank Removal – Richmond, VA

JETCO removed three underground storage tanks in an extremely tight working space surrounded by overhead wires and a fully operational gas line.

Demolition and Well Conversion – Lynchburg, VA

JETCO demolished existing well pads and converted large diameter monitoring wells into smaller monitoring wells with reinforced manways and pads.

Test Pits – Dover, DE

JETCO provided GPR service to located underground fuel lines. After marking the area, they excavated several test pits for the client on an abandoned site. They exposed the lines and determined they were clean and then restored site back to clients specification.

In-ground Pool Demolition – Annandale, VA

JETCO provided demolition services of a large in-ground pool that had floated out of the ground. By strategically cutting and removing around 40% of the existing structure, structure, this enabled the pool contractor to restore the pool back to its usable condition without rebuilding the entire structure.

UST Removal – Norfolk, VA

JETCO removed two large underground storage tanks at an active fast food restaurant for the client. The project only lasted two days and there was very little interruption to the business. Site was restored back to original condition.

Sub Slab Vapor Venting System – Lanham, MD

JETCO performed indoor trenching and piping installation on a commercial property to install a vapor venting system for the client. This project required the cutting and removal of concrete and complete floor replacement as well as hiding pipes in the interior walls. There was very limited overhead space so all equipment was downsized and also mostly done by hand.

AST Removal – Newington, VA

JETCO brought in necessary equipment to remove a large above ground storage tank at a busy soft drink company’s terminal.

Remediation System Install – Beltsville, MD

JETCO performed all necessary services to install a remediation system inside a large warehouse that was operated during the day. Not only did JETCO drill all the wells for the system, but they also installed all the trenching and overhead piping. The floor was restored to meet the standards of heavy forklift use and all the piping runs were tight against the wall or supporting beams and run through the metal ceiling beams.